Sexy Babysitter Phone Sex

sexy-babysitter-phone-sexI love naughty babysitter phone sex because this naughty babysitter loves to tease all the daddies!

I wear the shortest skirts and tightest little tops possible to make sure they get a good look at my teen tits and ass. What guy hasn’t had fantasies about fucking the babysitter?

When they offer to drive the teen babysitter home, I know what’s coming! They always try to steal a quick feel of my perky tits or maybe put my hand on their cocks and ask me to play with it on the drive home. Of course I never mind doing that – or more. My hand looks so small wrapped around their big cocks! *giggle*

One of them has me sit with my back against the door and spread my legs wide for him. Since I never wear panties, he can get a good look at my young pussy. I like to stick my fingers in my little hole and rub myself to make it all juicy and then let him lick the pussy juice off my fingers.

But sometimes they’ll find an old dirt road and make a slight detour to bang the babysitter! Bouncing up and down on some big ole cock is just so naughty.

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Sweet Ashley
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Teen Anal Phone Sex

A lot of my teen anal phone sex callers want to know if I’ve ever had a good anal fucking.

My mom’s boyfriend offered me $100 to show him my teen ass and let him take a picture. If he thought I wasn’t going to take him up on the offer, he’s crazy! As if there wasn’t already enough anal porn on the internet for him to look at. *giggle*

He must really be into anal sex or something because he kept talking about first anal sex, how much I would enjoy it, and stuff like that. All I could think about was how painful anal sex would be!

But hey, for $100, this little teen slut phone sex girl will stick her tight ass up in the air for a hardcore anal picture any day. And who knows, one day I might actually give it a try! 😉

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Schoolgirl Phone Sex

sexy-schoolgirlLittle schoolgirl phone sex can be a lot of fun! I hate school, but love wearing my little schoolgirl miniskirt and showing off my hot body to my teachers.

I’m always too horny to study, so I use my small tits and young pussy instead. It’s a much easier way to earn a good grade! Whenever I strip out of my schoolgirl uniform and show off my tiny titties, the teachers forget that I was failing their class.

If I have been a really naughty schoolgirl, they might bend me over the desk for some old fashioned discipline, raising my skirt and pulling down my teen panties for a good, hard spanking, but I don’t mind that at all! *giggle*

I learn so much during those after school lessons. Male teachers appreciate young girls with nice bodies and have taught me how to be the hottest teen phone sex schoolgirl ever!

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Teen Blowjob Phone Sex

girls giving head, teen blowjob, girls suckingWant to hear about my latest teen blowjob phone sex call?

He played my boyfriend and asked me how I got so good at sucking cock.

I’m like, OMG I couldn’t tell him I’d practiced on Daddy for years! giggle

Ever since I can remember Daddy put chocolate syrup on his big dick and told me to lick it off. He would say, “Suck it good baby and I’ll give you a big surprise”. So I did, and I got really good at sucking dick! Well I also have a really big sweet tooth. haha

I love that sticky sweet on my tongue, swirling it around my mouth, then getting that salty reward of cum in my mouth.

Daddy always wanted to see his cum on my tits so I let a little of his creamy jizz drip out of my mouth onto my teen tits. Mmmm sometimes he would even lick the cum on my tits all up then let me suck it off his tongue.

So know you know what kind of imagination I have I know you can’t wait for our own sexy teen blowjob phone sex call so here’s the number. 🙂

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