Teen Blowjob Phone Sex

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He played my boyfriend and asked me how I got so good at sucking cock.

I’m like, OMG I couldn’t tell him I’d practiced on Daddy for years! giggle

Ever since I can remember Daddy put chocolate syrup on his big dick and told me to lick it off. He would say, “Suck it good baby and I’ll give you a big surprise”. So I did, and I got really good at sucking dick! Well I also have a really big sweet tooth. haha

I love that sticky sweet on my tongue, swirling it around my mouth, then getting that salty reward of cum in my mouth.

Daddy always wanted to see his cum on my tits so I let a little of his creamy jizz drip out of my mouth onto my teen tits. Mmmm sometimes he would even lick the cum on my tits all up then let me suck it off his tongue.

So know you know what kind of imagination I have I know you can’t wait for our own sexy teen blowjob phone sex call so here’s the number. 🙂

1-800-485-0215 Ext 93